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Astonishing Hanging Houses in the City of Cuenca

Astonishing Hanging Houses in the City of Cuenca

Weekly Roundup

This week is a week of mid-term exams and a journey out to the city of Cuenca.

Cuenca in Castile-La Mancha

Capital of the province of Cuenca, the city of Cuenca is located precariously on the edge of a gorge. The gorge is located between the rivers Jucar and Huecar. And it this unique topography that lends itself to unique housing solutions. In Cuenca, you can visit the still-extant hanging houses built into the cliff face (there are not many left).

Obviously when playing football, you tend to arrive at the stadium early and not see much of the city!

Watch Round 8 on TV (for free)

This week our game was televised and is available on CMM Play. I played the second half, coming on at about the 55′ and we kept the game to a draw.

Though close to Madrid and only about 1.5 hours by car, it was up early for me to get to our home stadium in time to catch the team bus.

– 2022 November 5th

From the Blog: 2022 FIFA Best of the Group Stage for Supporters

Don’t forget my FREE Downloadable PDF to record all the action from the Group Stages, along with an explanation of how to use it.

In the lead up to the World Cup, I’m picking my “Game to Watch” for each of the Group stages at the world cup.

You can catch up on Group G (Game 32: Brazil v Switzerland) and Group B (England v Wales) here.

This week, I’ve added Game 28 from Group E to be played on Sunday, November 27:

Group E Spain v Germany Game 28

Group E: Spain v Germany

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Countdown to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

weekly roundup

The countdown to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Which group will you be following?

The World Cup in Qatar has kicked off.

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Coming up next week

This week was all about my visit to the City of Cuenca in Castilla-La Mancha and my pick of games for Group Stage E of FIFA World Cup. Next week there will be more top picks, supporters gear and game recommendations.

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