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How to Get the Latest FIFA Group Stage Tables

How to Get the Latest FIFA Group Stage Tables

Group Stage Winners Tables for Every Group – Group E, Group F, Group G & Group H.

All tables available for FREE Download – completely up to date

See the Match Schedule and the Points Table all in one easy to read view. Catch up on Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D here.

When the Groups need to be decided on things other than points

Let’s take a quick look on how FIFA can split the difference between teams when there are no points to separate them. Because only two teams will leave the Group Stage for the Round of 16.

Two-way Tie

  1. Goal Difference between the teams with the same points vying for a berth
  2. Goal Count
  3. Head-to-Head results: who got the most points in a two-way tie?
  4. Fair Play Tiebreaker: who got the most yellow and red cards?
  5. Drawing lots

Three-way Tie

  1. Same as above but instead of Head-to-Head rules, the games are recalculated based on just the games of the teams tied
  2. Head-to-Head Goal Difference
  3. Head-to-Head Goal Count
FIFA Table Group E
FIFA Table Group E


Group E

Spain’s large goal difference will help them if they lose the next game and Germany, or Costa Rica end up with 4 points.

  • Germany: Must win over Costa Rica to be in contention and relying on a Spain win.
  • Japan: A win clears the group, but this is a big ask. A draw will depend on the other game’s outcome.
  • Spain: A win or a draw will see them through. A loss to Japan would be surprising but not rule them out if the other game is a draw.
  • Costa Rica: The win for safe passage out of the group. A draw might still see them through.

Canada with a slim hope

The FIFA Table for Group F

A similar story to Group E teams.

  • Morocco: Needs the win. A draw will hang on the other game and FIFA rules.
  • Croatia: Looking like they will take the win and top of the table. A draw will also guarantee they move through to the Round of 16.
  • Belgium: A win sends them through, a draw will depend on the other game.
  • Canada: A win could well do it for them if Croatia also wins their match. If Belgium wins, the goal differential is currently in Croatia’s favor.
FIFA Table Group F
DAY 9 FIFA World Cup Matches Day 9


Group G

FIFA Group Table and Brazil has a clean slate and is the top team for Group G guaranteed a place in the round of 16.

Still to come:

  • Brazil: win, lose or draw, Brazil has topped the table for Group G
  • Switzerland: A win will send them through. If all 3 runner up teams end up on 2 points each, FIFA rules will determine who goes through
  • Cameroon: A draw with Brazil will send them through if the other teams draw too (of course a win against Brazil will see them go through)
  • Serbia: A win will see them through if Cameroon draw or lose.


Group H

There will be only a few scenarios to play out with only two teams in contention

  • Portugal through no matter what the outcome and top of the Group H table
  • South Korea: through on a Win OR a loss if the other teams draw
  • Uruguay: Will want the win to go through
  • Ghana: May steal a win from Uruguay to go through to the Round of 16. A draw or loss will work too if the other teams draw.
FIFA Group Table H
FIFA Group Table H


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