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Download your FIFA World Cup football wallpaper or poster

The Winners Bracket poster is designed to help you track all the Winners from the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Download and record the winners from the Group Stage, then track them through the Round of 16, the Quater Finals and the Semi Finals until a winner is decided.

Winner’s Bracket: Fill in the Winners for Each Stage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup

This FREE printable has:

Match List by Group

All the teams and all the competition

Dates & Match Order

Track the games matches by actual dates and order played.

National Flags

Colorful national flag for easier identification of each team

Track the Winners

Fill out the winner’s block as you go. Sorted in blocks of Round of 16, Quarter finals, Semi Finals and Final

Instructions for the Winners Bracket FREE Download

The PDF can be downloaded for FREE. Simply fill in your name and email. Our privacy policy is available here if you need more information.

Please let us know if you discover errors or omissions in the information provided.

This downloadable Winners Bracket is absolutely FREE. After downloading you can print or share for personal use. The design is protected by Copyright. If you would like to copy or modify the design for commercial purposes, please contact us.

Available Now …

The Winner’s Bracket poster is also available with multiple backgrounds on our Etsy store. There are additional options all available in one bundle:

  • Plain Background
  • Football Background
  • English Flag
  • US Theme and Flag
  • Argentinian Flag
  • Brazilian Flag
  • Canadian Theme and Flag
  • Swiss Flag

All available for a low price (buy one and get them all!).

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