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Max Ogawa is a content creator who writes about his life and experience

Getafe International Madrid Football Academy

See Max’s endorsement on YouTube.

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Promoting something which you believe in and can endorse heart and soul is a pleasure for me. Getafe International Madrid Football Academy has had a massive influence on my soccer development. And I wouldn’t be where I am today without the guidance and support of GIMFA. This is the perfect option for high school students outside of Spain. You can come and immerse yourself in Spanish life and football culture, while being able to graduate from high school. This is why I am happy to recommend GIMA to international students.

– Max

Max is a footballer based in Madrid and is available to promote your brand. With a focus on fashion, style or living a healthy lifestyle

Promote your brand with authentic and genuine endorsements

The best way to promote your brand is to find a spokesperson or ambassador who aligns with your value and purpose. Next: check below to see if Max’s values and ‘trademark’ fit your mission for global domination.

  • Not just saying the right thing. Doing the right thing
  • Leading by example – focus on a healthy lifestyle
  • Respect
  • Developing Self and others – particularly at a youth level
  • Hard work and resilience, persistence and perseverance – no false promises

Contact Max now to discuss these options to promote your brand. Based on availability and location in Madrid. Locations outside of Madrid will attract a travel fee.


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