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Easy 3 Step
Skin Care


Using a quality hydrating facial cleanser, I wet my face all over first. I then use a single pump of the cleanser (the pump is very convenient) which I gently rub into my face. Then I rinse it off with water. This step takes only 1-2 minutes.


I pat dry my face with a clean towel or cloth, and then squeeze a small amount of the emolient cream onto my fingertips and then rub that in. In all, I've spent less than 5 minutes.

Use sunscreen

If I'm planning to go outside, I protect my face with sunscreen and ensure good coverage.

Back to the dorm

Basic healthy student lifestlye

Ideas for overall health and well-being. Staying hydrated and keeping u[p with basic, everyday self-care.

Winding down

Blocking out time to just be or to call home.

Mens street

Gift wishlist for 20-something Men.

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