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Sensational Group E 2022 FIFA World Cup Supporters Zone

Sensational Group E 2022 FIFA World Cup Supporters Zone

Group E 2022 | FIFA World Cup

The game that everyone’s eyes will be glued to in this group features two top UEFA teams: Spain and Germany. Some have described the match as ‘mouth-watering‘. What stands out from this commentary is describing a German win over Japan as ‘purely nominal’. Let’s hope the Samurai Blues have other ideas. Let’s take a closer look together at Group E 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Traditional Rivals (not)

These two teams are not usually described as traditional rivals, but that could change. A draw will not raise eyebrows, but if one of the teams walk away with 3 points, and if the losing team don’t get through the Group Stage, then a new European rivalry will carry over to the next Euros.

Your supporter kit for Group E 2022 FIFA Official kits for Spain, Germany AND bonus, Japan!

Now for supporters, your options for the Spanish kit are numerous and tasty indeed. There are whole kids kits both home and away. There are training kits. There are shorts. Every piece of kit is covered. La Roja – the Red Fury – will be a stand-out on and off the field.

And for the Germany supporters – not to be left out – we are featuring home & away. The kit is not as flash as the other nations. Germany has kept it disciplined, to the point, focused. We might have wanted more from a design point of view, something more appropriate for the NationalElf (the “National Eleven”). Especially as the game is being played in November / December in the run up to Christmas (and not June as it normally would). The English translation is short-selling this nickname and the marketing possibilities have been overlooked. So don’t be surprised if my kit list features a few elven surprises.

Finally, because I think it is dangerous to under-estimate any of the teams, I’ve hand-picked the Japanese kits for you as well (just in case).

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This post is all about the FIFA 2022 World Cup and official merchandise for supporters of Group E 2022 Spain or Germany Men’s teams.


  1. […] Which means Game #28 is going to be world class football in the Group Stage, featuring a game of two completely different styles. The creativity of Spain on one hand, making defending unpredictable and notching up the difficulty. However, Germany’s defensive capability is their strength. We’ll be watching to see how the German defenders match a strong attacking side (or two if you count Japan). This is my “Game to Watch” which you can read more about about here. […]

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