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Exciting Group B 2022 FIFA World Cup Supporters Zone

Exciting Group B 2022 FIFA World Cup Supporters Zone

Group B | 2022 FIFA World Cup

Group B will has many rivalries. In Game 20 there is the England v United States game or as I like to call it “Football v Soccer”. Then there is Game 35, in which the Welsh take on England. They are all part of the United Kingdom but we’ll see how United they are when it comes to getting 3 points on the table. The Dragons (Welsh) haven’t been The Three Lions (English) since 1984, and have never played in a Group match at the World Cup against each other.

Out of the six games, Game 36, is the most divisive. The match between Iran v United States, has a political dimension beyond friendly rivalry. Even in Iran, there is a movement to have Iran excluded from the World Cup based on human rights abuses. The call was initially put out by Ukraine, but is gathering momentum and the campaign against Iran is still running. Leading the charge in demanding that Iran be removed by FIFA are Iranian football players and famous personalities.

Game 20 | 25th November | England v United States

Dress the part for Game 20 with both Home and Away Kits. Read all about Group B and see how the team’s rank, how they qualified and what their chances are.

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This post is all about the FIFA 2022 World Cup and official merchandise for supporters of Group B 2022 England or United States Men’s teams.


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