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Beautiful Castile-La Mancha: Home &Away discoveries

Beautiful Castile-La Mancha: Home &Away discoveries

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This season, my home team CD Torrijos is located in the city of Torrijos in the Community of Castile-La Mancha. I think of Castile-La Mancha as an apple in the middle of Spain that someone took a bite out of . The bite, being Madrid.

The City of Torrijos in Castile-La Mancha

It’s a large geographical area, but thinly populated. As a result, our games are spread far and wide. It is nothing to spend 2 hours from our stadium in Torrijos to travel to the game.

La Familia

Being attached to the municipality of Torrijos means having a city of supporters. The population is under 15,000 however, so it is a modest sized club in the province of Toledo. For a month over summer I was fortunate to stay in Hotel Castilla, a regional hotel that has a popular and very reasonably-priced restaurant which is a drawcard for tourists and locals. They have an excellent monthly rate but best of all, will treat you like family and make your stay comfortable.

Round 7

Playing at home this week I was able to get the full second half. While I was pleased with my performance, the result ended as a nil all draw. If you would like to watch our home games, the game is available through the club’s streaming service.

– 2022 October 30th

From the Blog: 2022 FIFA Best of the Group Stage for Supporters

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Starting this week, I am sharing my pick of the Group Stages and select items that are available to buy for Supporters.

So far I’ve covered Groups B & G. This week keep an eye out for Groups E, A & C.

Group G: Brazil v Switzerland

Group B: England v United States

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This week was all about my pick of games for Group Stages B & G of the FIFA World Cup. Next week there will be more top picks, supporters gear and game recommendations.

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