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FIFA 2022 FIFA Winners Bracket World Cup Poster – Part 4

FIFA 2022 FIFA Winners Bracket World Cup Poster – Part 4

This is the final part in the series on the 2022 FIFA Winners Bracket.

In preparation for the kick-off, I highly recommend you take advantage of the FIFA Winners Bracket Poster which you can download for free. Use it as a handy reference guide. You just mark the winners in the space allocated on the poster and keep up with the tournament.

Re-cap of the 2022 FIFA Winners Bracket Explained

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  2. Group A & B Analysis
  3. Group C & D Analysis
  4. Group E & F Analysis
  5. Group G & H Analysis

This Week: Kit Winners of the FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is a brand marketer’s dream. The front runners for the 2022 FIFA ‘alterative’ world cup are very different to the FIFA ranking. Let’s see who is winning from a ‘country of origin’ point of view.

2022 FIFA Winners (and Losers): the alternative World Cup by Brand

When putting this chart together, I looked at where a brand originated. It is interesting that the German brands Adidas and Puma, founded by German brothers, are exactly the same market share as Nike. Even without Hummel in the German group (it’s now Danish), Germany and the United States are the dominate forces in the global brand wars for FIFA World Cup national kits.

2022 FIFA Winners Brands
2022 FIFA Winners Brands

For a single brand, the global juggernaut is Nike. In 2022 Nike are responsible for 13 of the World Cup kits (Brazil, England, Portugal, France, Australia, the US, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Poland, Canada, Croatia and South Korea). As mentioned, the same total for PUMA and Adidas combined. But in commerce, as in the World Cup, this dominance cannot be taken for granted. Only a few short years ago PUMA were the number one choice.

The Brand “World Cup” winners

2022 FIFA World Cup - Brand Wars
2022 FIFA Winners by Brand

Home or Away

Denmark (Hummel), Iran (Majid), Ecuador (Marathon), the United States (Nike), Germany (Adidas), have all gone with brands that are based at home. A few countries boast a unique partnership with a brand, such as Tunisia with the Italian brand Kappa, and Croatia with New Balance, however most teams have chosen to go with one of the top 3, either Nike, Adidas or Puma. Cameroon recently parted ways with Le Coq Sportif who are no longer creating a kit for any of the world cup contenders. Instead, Cameroon has entered into a new relationship with Bangkok-based One All Sports.

When you look at the rationale given for this break – even after Le Coq Sportif had designed the shirts and secured FIFA approval, Cameroon indicated favorable percentage share of sales terms for sports kit and equipment.

Symbolism and Statements for the 2022 FIFA World Cup

There is always controversy over the World Cup host nation. With Qatar, many were suspicious of the use of cheap labor in the rush to build new stadiums in time. And the human rights record for Qatar is not favorable. Denmark have chosen to wear their hearts on their sleeves and their kits have been ‘toned down’ so as not to draw attention to themselves. This is Ghandi-style passive resistance, however their invisibility in the cup will not be maintained if they get through the Round of 16. At which point, I expect they will be looking for maximum visibility and to raise awareness of the reasons behind their choice of kit.

Group G on the World Cup Poster

#1 Seed and Favorite: Brazil

In a throwback to 2018, Brazil, Serbia and Switzerland meet each other again at the Group Stage. If you recall from my earlier post, Australia, France and Denmark are also experiencing deja vu in 2022. On that occasion, Brazil and Switzerland went through to the Round of 16. We will see if Cameroon can swing the balance of power better than Costa Rica in the previous match up.

2022 FIFA World Cup Group G
2022 FIFA World Cup Group G
Draw PlaceNationConfederationFIFA Ranking
Group G List at 21 Oct 2022

Notes: AFC – Asian Football Confederation; CAF – Confederation Africaine de Football, Africa; CONMEBOL -Confederacion Sudamericana de Futbol; UEFA – Union of European Football Associations;

The numbers on the poster reflect the game order (64 games in total) and the date the match will be decided. For Example, In Group G, Game 48 is Serbia v Switzerland, played on 2nd December.

2022 FIFA World Cup Poster: Group G

Average ranking: 20


While speculation online abounds, Tite will have submitted the 35-55 players on his list by Friday 21st October. And he has until 14th November to make public the final 26-man squad.

While Brazil are the #1 seed for the competition, and they have taken part in every single World Cup, ever. And they have taken home the trophy on 5 of those occasions, there hasn’t been a Brazilian team in the final since 2002 in Japan. The year that I was born. Vamos Brasil, your 20-year streak of underachievement might be over.

Neymar is a certain for the squad, but it is unclear how many of Arsenal’s 3 x Gabriels (Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Magahaes, Gariel Martinelli) will make it through and Phillipe Coutinho by all appearances is out. As is 39-year-old Dan Alves.

Regardless of the final squad, Brazil’s chances of progressing are…I want to say assured, but this is football. And there are always surprises. One thing that does seem more certain is Neymar surpassing Pele as he only needs 3 more goals at a World Cup.

Serbia & Switzerland (UEFA)

There is not much separating Serbia & Switzerland. Both won their qualifying rounds. Serbia ranked #14 in UEFA and Switzerland #11. Serbia with 12 appearances at a World Cup, Switzerland with 11. We may see Brazil and Switzerland both with 3 points on the table after 24th November, with Serbia chasing 2nd position for the rest of the Group Phase. However, it is most likely to be one of the UEFA teams to advance through and its anyone’s guess which one it will be.

Cameroon (CAF)

The One All Sports brand may not be the only one banking on the Cameroon team through to the Round of 16. They have done this once before in 8 appearances. Improbable yes, impossible no.

Group G Supporter’s Zone: Pick your 2022 FIFA Winners

Head over to my Group G Supporter’s Zone to purchase your Home and Away Kits and read about my “Game to Watch”: Game 31: Brazil v Switzerland

World Cup Poster: Group H

Average ranking: 28

The highest average ranking of all the Groups.

2022 FIFA World Cup Group H
2022 FIFA World Cup Group H
Draw PlaceNationConfederationFIFA Ranking
H4South KoreaAFC#28
Group H List on 21 October 2022

Note: AFC -Asian Football Confederation; CAF – Confederation Africaine de Football, Africa; UEFA – Union of European Football Associations

Portugal & Uruguay (UEFA)

One thing that is immediately apparent: this group looks to be the easiest draw, with an average of 28. Also, Portugal has dropped to #9 since the pots were seeded in March 2022. So, if the draw was done now, they wouldn’t even be the top seed in this Group.

Uruguay will be looking to get the better of Portugal again, having knocked them out of the Round of 16 in 2018.

Ghana (CAF)

While we all believe the FIFA World Cup ranking is not a predictor of World Cup success, Ghana’s bottom ranking of all 32 teams does not shine favorably on their chances. The fact they made it out of qualifying was a mini miracle in itself against Nigeria. After a 1-1 draw, it was the away goals which decided it. Some time ago, the Ghanaians successfully switched nationalities of Spanish born Inaki Williams who represented Spain in 2016. Also, Tariq Lamptey, born in London, represented the “Young Lions” in the U18-21 teams. They’ve had 4 appearances in the World Cup, so they aren’t complete novices, but they didn’t qualify in 2018. They have some beef with Uruguay, who eliminated Ghana on penalties in the quarter finals in 2010.

South Korea (AFC)

This is their 10th successive appearance in a World Cup. Only twice advancing out of the group stage, they will draw on the talents of their Tottenham Hotspur striker, Heung-min Son heavily.

The Top 2 from Group G & H will meet each other in the Round of 16. Fill in the FIFA Winners Bracket as the game progresses

The Top 2 Teams from Group G & H will play off in the Round of 16. In game 54, the top G team will verse the 2nd H team; Game 56 will be the top H team against the 2nd G Team. Then, only the winners from the Round of 16 will advance to the Quarter finals. Be sure to record your winners in the space on your FREE World Cup Poster.

Your FREE World Cup Winners Bracket Poster comes in landscape mode (A4 size)

Winners Bracket - Your 2022 FIFA World Cup Poster
FIFA Winners Bracket – Your FREE World Cup Poster

This post has been about the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The FREE downloadable Winners Bracket and additional Supporters Zone “Game to Watch” feature has been set up in order for you to pick your 2022 FIFA Winners.


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