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Everything you need to know about the FIFA World Cup Predictor

Everything you need to know about the FIFA World Cup Predictor

Punters beware

There’s a reason why Brazil – the #1 seed for the FIFA 2022 World Cup – have been standing in the wings for 20 years. The reason is this: seeds are not a predictor of World Cup success. In fact, there is no reliable FIFA World Cup predictor.

And that’s why the World Cup is so emotional and has fans gripped to the edge of their seats. Anything can happen.

For the past month I have been posting on the FIFA World Cup for 2022. This blog brings all those posts together to help you find everything you need to make your own predictions of who will win the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

Start by understanding how the competition is played

Group Stage

Knockout Stage

Next, find out more about the 32 teams playing and the 8 Groups

Use this reference to help match the flag to the country and to see which team is in which group.

Group A





Group B




United States

Group C



Saudia Arabia


Group D





Group E



Costa Rica


Group F





Group G





Group H



South Korea


Start to formulate your own FIFA World Cup Predictor

Can you tell just by looking at each group who will go through to the Knockout phase? Get more information before you start laying your bets.

Commentary to help make your FIFA World Cup Predictor more meaningful

I have provided commentary on all the Groups and how each team compares to the other teams in their group. You can use this to help make your FIFA World Cup Winner Prediction

Then download the FIFA World Cup Match Schedule for the Group Stages

You don’t have to use the ones I made, but if you’d like beautifully designed wall poster style schedules then look no further. Each bundle has a Group Table Winners Bracket and every game of the Group.

Preview of the Group Match Table and Match Schedule

Track every single game as it happens with the FIFA Daily Match Schedule

Times are in local Qatari time but if you are inclined, I have prepared the full list of games being played in the Group Stage.

Day 1Sun 20 November A
Day 2Mon 21 November A & B
Day 3Tue 22 November C & D
Day 4Wed 23 NovemberE & F
Day 5Thu 24 NovemberG & H
Day 6 Fri 25 NovemberA & B
Day 7 Sat 26 NovemberC & D
Day 8Sun 27 NovemberE & F
Day 9Mon 28 NovemberG & H
Day 10Tue 29 NovemberA & B *
Day 11Wed 30 NovemberC & D *
Day 12Thu 01 DecemberE & F *
Day 13Fri 02 DecemberG & H *
Full List of Group Stage Matches (* Last day of the Group Stage for this Group)

Preview of the Daily Match Schedule

Daily Match Schedules are Available in a Group Bundle

If you want to get the Daily Schedule for the whole group, then these are available in a bundle of 3. So each bundle is a day of matches for the Groups. Group matches are allocated different days to ensure that each team has a break between games (typically 3 days between games).

How to win: the FIFA World Cup Predictor

As I write this, the headlines are screaming “Dream Over” for Qatar after they lost to Ecuador 3 – NIL in the kick-off and first game of the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

So as of this moment, Ecuador have added 3 points to the table for Group A and Qatar are still on 0.

Remember: there are 729 possible combinations once all 6 games of the Group Stage have been played. And there are still 5 games yet to be played for Group A.

There is no easy way to predict who will win. But Qatar, ranked 50th seed by FIFA and supported by a strong home crowd on home territory, may still find their pathway to victory!

FIFA World Cup Predictor

Now go and download your FREE FIFA World Cup Winners Bracket

See if your FIFA World Cup Predictions are accurate and track match results.

More options for the World Cup Winners Bracket from maxsakae on ETSY:

This post is all about my FIFA World Cup Predictor showing how to understand the 2022 World Cup at Group Stage and Knockout Stage.

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