How to apply to a university in Spain

How hard is it to apply to a university in Spain if you speak English? I’m about to find out!

Vamos…it’s time for the pedal to hit the metal. All my SATs were cancelled during COVID so it’s time to get a bit more creative with university applications. Initially I thought I’d be heading to the USA in my brother’s (Berklee College of Music, Boston- check his insta out here) and dad’s footsteps (Northeastern University, Boston). But COVID meant changing course and taking a look at the universities here in Spain. Luckily, I didn’t have to look very far to apply to a university in Spain.

The there are two very good options right here in Madrid.

  • IE University: with close ties to the United Nations, a brand new campus in Madrid, loads of international students, and lots of English-only options, this quickly caught my eye and they have a fast track interview process during the open day
  • St Louis Madrid: Also on my short, short-list, with incredible options if only planning the first two years in Spain and subsequent years in Missouri

The process has been surprisingly easy, albeit time-consuming.

Let me know how you are getting on and I will keep you updated here on my blog! Also ask any questions if you would like to know about the process, I’m happy to share!

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