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How to prepare for your first media interview

How to prepare for your first media interview

Brilliant tips from my first media interview or a list of things not to do? This is a list my Top 3. I’ve learned that preparation is key and there is no substitute for practice.

First a quick recap following my last post. This is part 2 of the happy events that followed my debut game and debut goal. In my last post I shared how my performance and debut goal was acknowledged publicly. And to top it off, the staff felt the need to talk about me as a player and as a person to the whole group. To my utter astonishment and delight, they held up my perseverance and hard work as an example to others.

Mic drop: my first media interview is in Spanish

But then it got even better. The day after the game, the club asked me to go to the stadium after Tuesday’s practice to answer a few questions. The club has a designated media manager. So I was very excited to get the invitation.

The interview questions were to cover the season, my performance, the coaching staff, and the team. But there was a catch. The whole interview was to be in Spanish.

#1 of the brilliant tips from my first media interview: no media opportunity is wasted

I reminded myself that I have been in Spain for 2 years now. The topic was of course something I’m familiar with (me). And my speaking and understanding skills were up to the interview challenge. But I knew that nerves would play a part and that the interview could go in any direction. It was hard to prepare for it.

Nevertheless, I was extremely proud to do something like this after my very first game. When we were playing junior football we would sometimes practice in front of parents, the team and the coaches. That was years ago. A childhood dream. Was it enough to prepare me for the real thing?

The 2nd of my brilliant tips: there’s always a first time

Some people are born ready. For me, a little bit of an disclaimer beforehand: did I mention already how nervous I was?

Tips from my first media interview. Click to hear Max Ogawa talking about his first season with La Liga

Click for Max’s first media interview

OK my accent gives me away before you even hear my responses. Also please disregard the fact that I’m not in the cover photo. I guess they hoped no-one would notice. Even so this was a great experience and easier than expected.

I left the stadium full of smiles from everything that happened that day. Before too long however, life went back to normal.

The 3rd of my brilliant tips: enjoy it while it lasts

If I have any brilliant tips from my first media interview it’s this: enjoy it while it lasts. It all happens so fast.

As I am writing this, the season and training sessions have finished. It is now time to look into the future. I already have a University that I will be attending this coming fall in Madrid. All that is left for me to do is to enjoy a nice summer, completing tasks, running errands, training and enjoying the summer. Follow me over the summer to see what happens next.

Updated: Putting my first media interview tips into practice

I’ve had more media opportunities since my very first time in front of the mic. I’ve definitely gotten better at being prepared and I even practice with a friend now. One thing that is a pattern for all my interviews (apart from being in Spanish) is that I don’t usually get much notice. So, be prepared and ready because you never know when you’ll be asked to step up in front of the camera or mic.

You can see all my official news media here. And for what’s trending on social media, take a look at here.

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