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That feeling when you sign your first football contract

That feeling when you sign your first football contract

Signing your first football contract takes grit. You will hear me talking about grit all the time. Grit means hanging in there when everything looks like it is against you. It is the daily practice of going out there and trying to be better than you were the day before.

I’m so proud to be selected to joining the U19 Getafe team. It’s what I’ve been working toward for so many years. Watch my journey develop as I share my highs and lows. I’m hoping for lots of the former and not so many of the latter but if my past experience is anything to go by, there will be plenty of both.

The last time I was registered anywhere in the world was 2018. My impatience to strap on my boots and walk out onto the field again is palatable.

Signing your first football contract does not mean playing right away

Are you in the same boat? Maybe you are just waiting on the results of a trial or an exam. Here’s what I’m doing while I wait:

  • Grade 12 homework, it keeps me busy
  • University applications: it’s application season and I have lots to do: entry exams, interviews and ‘express yourself’ videos
  • Meditation, face packs, and good grooming: a little bit of self care
  • Gym and training: I’m ready when they are
  • Physio and rollers: Trying to stay in peak physical fitness and dealing with all those niggles and aches while I wait
  • Just hanging out with friends: you know who you are
  • Calling home: my mum, my dad and my bro are my greatest supporters

Success doesn’t come overnight, and even when you are signing your first football contract it is elusive. The paperwork has to be done and there is no way of rushing it. As the day draws nearer, my patience is tested like never before, but in the meantime, if there is one thing I know it is this: I am not in control of everything.😊

What do you do to keep your mind occupied or to relax while waiting on the results of something important? Leave your comments below!

In the meantime, you can read the announcement here.

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