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Game on! Getafe in a strong position for the 2nd Phase

Game on! Getafe in a strong position for the 2nd Phase

The much anticipated 2nd Phase of the competition for La Liga Juvenil A is about to begin. While the season has been disrupted by COVID-19 making play difficult, we are excited to see that the competition goes on. Of course I’ll be bringing my best game to the final lap. Game on friends.

5 Reasons to get excited: Game Calendar Released

Madrid’s finest teams will battle it out for the top position starting for Getafe CF on April 11.

Getafe CF Schedule for the final stage of the competition

We are ready for our first challenge which is to get 3 points on the table against Rayo Majadahonda. I recommend that you subscribe to stay up to date with our climb up the ladder.

But before you go, take a closer look at the schedule for this month. In just 12 days we will come up against the teams who have dominated Group 5 sub-Group A competition so far. That is, local rivals Atletico de Madrid and Real Madrid. While these formidable teams have their usual confidence leading into this phase, Getafe CF has The Champion’s Cup in their sights.

The Champion’s Cup is tantalizingly close

I wrote about my disappointment when they cancelled the the chance to compete for the King’s Cup this year. Now my team are determined to advance to the Champion’s Cup for Group 5.

How is the Division de Honor Juvenil game ranking determined?

The Division de Honor Juvenil is the top level in the Spanish youth league. Players aged 18 or younger join this prestigious competition. Therefore, you can understand my excitement when I signed a player’s contract in the January transfer window with Getafe CF.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation or RFEF for short administers the youth league in Spain and provides an established pathway La Liga.

A quick look at the Juvenil A competition at this point in time

  • Phase 1: The first round with 7 Groups. Now that it has finished, Getafe CF (Group 5, sub-group B) will advance to the next Phase on April 5.

  • Phase 2: This is where we are now. The top five teams of each group combine and play five games each. Getafe CF in Group 5 sub-Group B merged with the top five from Group 5 sub-Group A. This is now Group 5 Sub-Group C. The bottom five teams (Sub-Group D) will also compete to avoid relegation. Game over May 30.

  • Copa de Campeones de Juvenil (The Champion’s Cup): And then, the 7 Group winners will fight to be recognized the best of the Division de Honor Juvenil. Starting in June, a week after Phase 2 finishes, the 7 Group winners and the best runner’s up will be divided into 2 groups (A and B). At the finish, the top of each group will play the final.

  • Copa del Rey Juvenil (The King’s Cup) was Cancelled for 2021. It is usually played a week after the Copa de Campeones de Juvenil. Of course we are hoping to see the return of this competition next near.

  • UEFA Youth League: The U19 youth competition is played between the best of the UEFA Champions League and the domestic youth champions. But only the winner of the Copa de Campeones gets the chance to play.

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