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Managing disappointment of Copa Del Rey cancellation

Managing disappointment of Copa Del Rey cancellation

How are we managing disappointment after the cancellation of this premier sporting event for youth in Spain? The top 16 teams will not have the chance to compete and will lose the right to claim “Best in Spain”. For the second year in a row.

This comes as a bitter blow for rivals in different Groups and a lost opportunity for those of us who have dreamt of holding the King’s Cup.

Typically, the Copa Del Rey is made up of the top two teams in each Group plus two of the best ranking third teams across 7 groups.

The Champions Cup lap

The top five teams from sub-Group 5B (Getafe’s current group) will meet the top five teams from sub-Group 5A. The significance of this is obvious when you look at who is in sub-Group 5A. We will get the chance to play off against local rivals, Real Madrid and Atletico.

In a race to the finish, the second Phase of the competition will begin on April 11. It will all be over by May 30.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation will release the next round of the match calendar soon. I eagerly anticipate meeting Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, CD Badajoz, Rayo Vallecano and Rayo Majadahonda on the pitch. But that’s only 5 more opportunities to contribute before the competition is over. And I know it.

A touch of realism

Copa Del Rey aside, Getafe has a battle ahead to climb to the top of the ladder when the points of Phase 1 are carried into Phase. Instantly we will slip further down the rankings ladder from third to fifth place. So there was no guarantee Getafe was ever going to reach the Copa del Rey play off.

Managing disappointment or tweaking expectations

Managing disappointment is something you do after the event once the outcome is known. On the other hand managing expectations involves laying the groundwork ahead of time. The inevitable disappointment (when a major sporting event is cancelled during COVID) will not sting so much.

There is still some time left in the season to make my mark so I am hoping for the best while preparing for the worst.

My approach is to take care of basics day in and day out. I will focus on a good night’s sleep, giving my best at training and thanking God always. At the same time, I am present in my other commitments such as interviewing for university or finishing my chemistry assignment. I will focus on my long term goals.

Tell me how you manage expectations when the performance pressure is piling on. Include what not to do!


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