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World Cup everything – the Group Stage Winners Bracket for FREE

World Cup everything – the Group Stage Winners Bracket for FREE

The World Cup Group Stage is thrilling us all with the surprise upset by Saudi Arabia over Argentina and a strong performance by the USMNT against England.

And personally, who cannot stop watching Brazil’s beautiful goals. I have the highlights reel on replay.

Group A and Group B Winners Brackets are now available for FREE Download as a PDF document and have all the updated matches and points table.

A visit to Getafe brings back many fond memories (and something else)

The feature image this week is the monument in Getafe – the Lady of the Angels. Getafe has been considered the geographical center of the Iberian Peninsula. It’s other claim to fame is the football team, Getafe C.F. which was my first football contract.

I’m writing this in bed after a night of aches and pains, and the typical stomach flu symptoms. I won’t bore you or get into the gross details but I was relieved to discover some imodium in my first aid kit. I went to training last night and it started to hit with a vengence, so it looks like I will miss the game this week.

Before getting sick, I was thrilled to go and have a chat to the Getafe International Madrid Academy and answer their questions about studying and playing football. It is so exciting to see kids just a few years younger than me starting out on their journey and I can’t wait to see them out on the field.

– 2022 November 26th

The FIFA 2022 Round of 16 Predictor

As the Group Stages draw to a close. The FIFA World Cup Predictor wall poster is now essential to track all the games from the Round of 16

The FIFA 2022 World Cup Knock Out Stages

The Round of 16 Winners Bracket: Coming Soon!

I will update the wall poster once the Group Stage has finished. We already have some strong indications from Group A with Qatar sitting on two losses and no chance now to add enough points to edge out Netherlands, Ecuador or Senegal. But it is too soon to call.

As soon as we know the Round of 16, I will make this Winners Bracket available for FREE Download.

Group A and Group B Update

Only 1 game left for each team in the Group Stage and new, updated Winners Bracket available

Group A Winners Bracket


Group A

Qatar cannot get enough points to stay in the competition in the last of their 3 games.

DOWNLOAD the updated Group A Winners Bracket for FREE.


Group B

All teams still have a chance to get through. Everything is hanging on the last games for Group B.

DOWNLOAD the updated Group B Winners Bracket for free.

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