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Stunning Madrid with a chill in the air is the best time for launching boats and the maxsakae shopfront

Stunning Madrid with a chill in the air is the best time for launching boats and the maxsakae shopfront

Weekly Roundup

As the weather turns cooler, getting to the end of the mid-term exams was my focus this week. At this time of year, I remember El Retiro Park, a 19th century park with fountains and boats you can hire for 6 Euros (between a maximum of 4 people). In summer, I would recommend booking in advance but at this time of year you won’t have to battle the queues.

Once on the lake, you can find a vantage point for the transparent Glass Palace. Originally a greenhouse but now attached to the Reina Sofia Museum. And yes, the reference to the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London is no mistake. The architect took his inspiration from there.

It’s great for a lazy afternoon if you can find one at this time of year in between exams and before the weather gets frosty.

Watch Round 9 against our traditional rival, CD Toledo

This week also our game was televised and is available on CMM Play. And again you can see me playing the second half, coming on with only about 20 minutes game time. Honestly, I’m grateful for each and every minute but really wanting to get more minutes.

Another draw for the team but undefeated. Although the claim is a little hollow when we have a solid record for getting the draw instead of the win.

– 2022 November 12th

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This week’s highlight is the opening of my new ETSY shopfront. You can now buy your daily 2022 FIFA World Cup Match Schedule at maxsakae on ETSY. Next week the spotlight will be on FIFA which kicks off on 20 November.

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