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Big SMART List: 20 Things To Do Before 20

Big SMART List: 20 Things To Do Before 20

Here is my list of 20 things to do before 20. Hint: I’m 18 now so the clock is ticking.

To achieve great things, two things are required: a plan, and not quite enough time.

Leonard Bernstein

Note to self: must have a plan.

Summer plans

The football season has now completely ended and everyone is packing their bags and heading off to their respective countries or holiday destinations. Meanwhile, with Australia in lock-down and caps on arrivals, I will be staying in Madrid during the hot, Spanish summer.

So what is with you Australia? So many Aussies overseas are battling to get home. During the year, I had never felt enthusiastic to return other than being able to go to the beaches again and spending quality family time in my hometown of Sydney. But now…now I feel very attached to the idea of returning home. It will be the top of my list for next summer. In the meantime, there’s worse things than being stuck in Madrid.

Did I say Madrid?

My friends and I are planning a week or so away. I am interested in Cádiz, Mallorca, Marbella, and San Sebastián. They are all by the coast, meaning there are beaches. No matter where I am, beaches are what make me feel most at home. It doesn’t suck.

Time to reflect

This year can only be reflected as positive and happy memories. And thinking back, the year went by at the speed of light. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

The whole point of summer is to relax and to spend time by the beach with the sun blazing down. But if a summer vacation with my friends is not possible, I will try to get away from the world of football and let my mind relax.

I need to go into preseason re-charged and eager. And ready to handle whatever comes next.


It pays to have SMART goals. But wait, does that mean you can have a STUPID goal? Here’s the criteria for a SMART goal.

S means …

Specific. You want specific? You will need to comment below to get the details.

M means …

Measurable. If I created the SMART acronym I would have said that your goal needs to be Meaningful. For me, the goal needs to be part of the big picture to be truly SMART. But I guess that’s where R comes in.

A means …

Achievable. Absolutely and Always. Bring your “A” game.

R means ..

Relevant. There it is. It should feed into your grand plan.

T means …

Time bound. Exactly.

Time is running out to get my 20 before 20 done

I can tick some of the things on my list off right now. But not all and there’s only two more years to go. Think of my list as aspirational but it wouldn’t be a SMART goal unless is was achievable.

  • La Vida Bonita by Max Ogawa
  • Living in Spain by the time I'm 20
  • #3 Find a new team
  • Graduate from high school by Max Ogawa
  • Churros and shakes in Spain
  • Get a COVID vaccine this year
  • Max Ogawa surfing at Mollymook
  • Max Ogawa website
  • dream big player's contract
  • Get into university in Spain by 20
  • Get my driver's licence now that Spain has lowered the driving age
  • Buy my first car before I turn 20
  • #13 Summer by the beach in Spain
  • Working with a NFP is my dream
  • 20 before 20 includes starting a fashion label
  • Learn French is on my 20 before 20 list
  • signing with a football agent
  • My social media audience by 20
  • Spanish La Liga
  • #20 Move into the student residence by Max Ogawa
  • 20 by 20

Share your own 20 things to do before 20 list

How familiar does my list sound to you?

Let’s keep each other honest. Because the absolute best way to meet your goals is to have some accountability. I’ve told you mine now you tell me yours (or recommend the best beach to visit in Spain, suggestions welcome!)

This blog was about 20 Things to Do Before 20. Check in on October 4 2022 to see how I did!


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