9 Summer Essentials

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Back to the Dorm

I recently shared all my must have summer essentials for starting a new school year. Living in a dorm or student residence means it is easy to cut corners or neglect health, exercise, nutrition and just basic self-care. So I’ve put together the Summer Essentials in one easy collection for ease of shopping. To help you stay focussed on your own healthy student lifestyle.

Shop Healthy Choices

    1. Heller Pedestal Portable Fan (50cm) - not exactly the same as the one I bought but it has the same features: floor standing, oscillating, lightweight and low priced. No fancy bells or whistles, it's a  big-sized fan for a student-sized budget.
    2. CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser  - this is the exact same one I'm using.
    3. The Healthy College Cookbook - just because you're a student, doesn't mean you have to live on cup noodles. What I love about these recipes is that you can maintain your healthy lifestyle on a budget.
    4. The Full Focus Planner - my planner system "The Goal Set" is what I whole-heartedly recommend. However if you need something that looks more like a journal, this one by Michael Hyatt is fantastic. 
    5. 1L Sports water bottle – stay hydrated using the time markings on the BPA free reusable drink bottle.
    6. Wireless earbuds – I cannot live without! I use these everywhere I go because they reduce noise by up to 98% and are a comfortable fit. Great for those long calls home!
    7. Foam Roller –if I had to buy a new one right now, I would buy this. The perfect size for rolling out all the big muscles.
    8. 5 Pack of Oral B Toothbrushes – I like medium and I also love an electric toothbrush but I always have some of these in reach.
    9. Dental Floss – This is my staple but there are plenty of dental flosses on the market which do the same job.

More shop healthy options coming soon!

This has been about how to Shop Healthy with the 9 Summer Essentials Collection

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