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11 Great Moments from the COPA RFFM Round 2

11 Great Moments from the COPA RFFM Round 2

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See for yourself my 11 Great Moments from the COPA RMM Round 2. Being a starter for the second round of the Cup and my second game for the pre-season was a great chance. Not only to get on the field but also to show the coaches what I can do. Of course, every moment on the field is great for me, but I was thrilled to see this captured on live TV.

Watch the COPA RFFM Round 2 here

11 Great Moments: The highlight reel from the COPA RFFM

Start play at 50:00 on the clock. The teams observe one minute of silence to honor the death of a player connected with CD Torrijos.

And listen out for the huge intro from the commentators – they know their stuff!

Playing the mid-field12:00
First shot at goal (my personal favourite)17:20
Header from a throw in22:00
A short run at goal23:20
Another shot 24:09
A few touches29:48
Delighting the commentators36:00
A long pass 38:00
Tricky little throw in38:56
Delighting the commentators #2 (and a long shot)39:20
Working the center mid40:30

More great moments to follow

Even though CD Torrijos has now been eliminated in this knock out round, I can’t wait to see what the season will bring.

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